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Benching Tips
Tear the bar apart Keep your shoulder blades pulled together and tight Keep the pressure on your upper back and traps Push the bar in a straight line Keep the elbows tucked and the bar directly over the wrists and elbows Bring the bar low on your chest or upper abdominals Fill your belly with air and hold it Source:         ..
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Whey Protein Benefits:
Besides those who are looking to trim down or bulk up, there are a number reasons that a person may want to try whey protein. Build immune system – Antioxidants are a vital part of maintaining a healthy immune system, particularly an antioxidant found in whey protein. It’s especially important for bodybuilders since a lot of time at the gym could result in a deficiency. Diabetics – While there isn’t conclusive evidence yet, some studies have connected whey protein to lower blood glucose levels. Nutritious Snack – When you just have to have a snack between meals, this i..
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