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USP Labs

USP Labs

Since its inception, USPlabs has released breakthrough product after breakthrough product, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge dietary supplements. Those that demand the best choose USPlabs.

In fact, the demand for USPlabs has spread like wildfire and caused retail giants such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe to pick up our brand because customers were coming in droves demanding they carry USPLabs! Now if that isn’t credibility, I don’t know what is.

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USP Labs AP 60 Caps
Don't eat carbs without it. Ap makes food more anabolic by utilizing the natural power of the most a..
USP Labs Jack3d Advanced
You're no stranger to the weight room and you've surely tried your fair share of pre-workout product..
USP Labs Jack3d Micro
Jack3d Micro: Reinventing the PreWorkout Revolution Have you met the New Jack3d Micro by USPlabs?..
USP Labs Modern BCAA+ 536g
Can you believe we made it even better? The 8:1:1 ratio-containing Modern BCAA™ has been the stan..
USP Labs Prime 150 Caps
Promotes Thick, Dense Muscle Unparalleled Natural Mass Supraphysical Strength Development ..
USP Labs Test Powder
One word… Alpha… The lead dog. The one everyone envies and are subconsciously drawn to… Its built..
USP Labs Yok3d 90 Caps
Massive Pumps with all new arginine nitrate. The addition of the nitrate ion to the already effectiv..